There's nothing really interesting about me. I'm 17 from Boston. I have a thing for hockey. Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks, Pittsburgh Penguins. The Bruins will always be my #1 team ;).

Because I’m too lazy to skate. Tuukka Rask on why he became a goalie (x)

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Another great day with Tuukka Rask at the second Good Sports street hockey scrimmage of the weekend! (x)


At this rate, the leafs are gunna win a Stanley cup before Krug and Smith are signed.

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So basically the plan is to have one of these on me at all times and whenever someone pisses me off just to take it out of my pocket and shove it in their face with a dead expression
The thing i love about all boston fans is that they are real no matter what sport, if their team is sucking they tell shit like it is and if their team is winning they become so insanely obnoxious and proud because thats their heart and soul they are apart of those teams. Anonymous (via massholehackey)
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dating me means dating my anxiety and my random spouts of depression it means dating my panic attacks at 11pm or 2 am or 5am or anytime of the day for that matter it means dating my mood swings where i get really upset over everything about me and all my insecurities and how i’m not good enough because i’m never good enough

This is so me it’s scary.

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